Envisioning Technology

9 03 2011

by Michell Zappa


Technologies mentioned
  • Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Neural Networks, Recommendation engines, Machine translation, Software agents, Natural language interpretation, Medical diagnostics
  • Biotech: Personal Gene Sequencing, Personalized medicine, Biomarkers, Telemedicine, Vertical agriculture, Artificial limbs, Stem-cell treatments, Synthetic meat, Wetware
  • Energy: Fuel cells, Conductive energy, Smart meters, Local power production, Nanogenerators, Piezoelectricity, Smart grids, Biomechanical harvesting, Traveling wave reactor, Biofuels
  • Internet: Near Field Communication, Linked data, Social graph, Cloud computing, Personal Area Network, 4G, Picocells, Pervasive video capture, Sensors, 5G, Smart infrastructure, High Altitude Platforms, Interplanetary internet
  • Materials: Print on demand, 3D printing, Metamaterials, Carbon nanotubes, Programmable matter
  • Money: Crowd funding, Mobile payments, Virtual currencies, Cash-less society
  • Natural User Interfaces: Multi touch, Gesture recognition, Augmented Reality, Speech recognition, Haptics, Telepresence, Machine vision
  • Robotics: Appliance bots, Smart toys, Self-driving vehicles, Domestic robots, Utility fog
  • Space: Private spaceflight, Space tourism, Space elevator, Lunar outpost
  • Ubiquitous computing: Tabs & Pads, 3D, Boards, Electronic paper, Pico-projectors, Spimes, Wearables, Fabric-embedded screens, Retinal displays, Projected audio, Holography, Skin-embedded screens
  • Warfare: Cyber-warfare, Exoskeletons, UAVs
  • 3D: 3D televisions, screens, cameras, etc.
  • 4G: Fourth generation cellular wireless (WiMAX, LTE)
  • 5G: Fifth generation cellular wireless
  • ANN: Artificial Neural Network
  • AR: Augmented Reality
  • HAP: High Altitude Platform
  • NFC: Near Field Communication
  • NUI: Natural User Interface
  • PAN: Personal Area Network
  • PGS: Personal Gene Sequencing
  • SPIME: An object that can be tracked through space and time.
  • UAV: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle