“Early Warning” Film- Official Site

27 07 2011

The Earthquake “Early Warning” independent documentary, which I developed & produced, now has an official home at eew.crosscity.com, thanks to my brother (Nagi), who is hosting the site on his crosscity.com hosting services.  The site will also serve as an unofficial journal of activities surrounding the progress of the Early Warning System in the US West Coast!

About the Documentary

The recent Magnitude 9 Tōhoku earthquake in Japan reminded us of the sudden destructive power of earthquakes- but, this earthquake was different in that a warning flashed, on televisions, computer screens and cell phones across the country, seconds before the devastating earthquake hit. The warning, which ranged from 10-30 seconds, allowed people to duck and cover, and industry to halt sensitivity machinery and isolate hazardous chemicals; the multitude of small actions taken reduced the overall impact of the event. Japan and few other countries are equipped with such an EEW system, with Japan’s EEW system being the most advanced. But the United States is far behind other countries in a deployed EEW system; California is one of the most earthquake prone places on earth, due to San Andreas fault, yet it lacks even an early warning system; same is the case for Washington and Oregon states, though both states are under earthquake prone Cascadia subduction zone, and can expect an earthquake as devastating as the one experienced recently in Japan!

Watch the "Early Warning" documentary:


The “Early Warning” Documentary describes the earthquake early warning system and then brings to light the reasons why such an early warning system is not in place in the US West Coast and if and when such a system is expected to be in place in the US West Coast.

“Early Warning” documentary was filmed by Ty Kelly & Mahesh Punyamurthula, recent graduates from the Independent Filmmaking Diploma course from the University of Washington, Seattle; the documentary was produced by jsmags productions.

Time-lapse animation of March 2011 Tōhoku earthquake in Japan:


Early Warning System

Apart from providing details about the documentary, this web site will also be used as the unofficial venue to report progress of the development of the earthquake early warning systems in the US West Coast. The development of the early warning system is a massive undertaking that involves multiple teams at Federal and State level & industries, at several millions of dollars of budget and that which requires several years of detailed work and effort; so, there will be a lot to share and talk about- please stay tuned!





“Early Warning” Documentary

8 06 2011

My first (official) independent documentary film- “Early Warning”, on Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) Systems, will be screened at University of Washington on June 8th 2011. The documentary film is one of the mandates to complete the Diploma in Independent Filmmaking course, which I joined a year ago at University of Washington (UW).


Time-lapse animation of March 2011 Tōhoku earthquake in Japan

I will be posting a link to the documentary, later this week, after it is screened and reviewed by the UW faculty- the screening is on June 8th at 6:30pm at the UW. The official “Early Warning” documentary web site will be at: http://eew.crosscity.com/

The documentary was developed along with my colleague, at the UW Diploma course, Ty Kelly and was produced under my independent production studio- jsmags productions :)

Please stay tuned.