Performance Profiling for WPF and Silverlight

3 04 2009

We have good performance profiling tools and guidance available for WPF and Silverlight; thought I’d share those links here.


For WPF there is the Visual Profiler tool.

For Silverlight there is the XPerf tool, which is part of the Windows Performance Toolkit. Also, take a look at this nice blog post on Silverlight performance tips here; XPerf & XPerfView tools are explained here.





Flotzam- a very cool WPF application

1 09 2007

Bring a mash-up of Flickr, Twitter, Facebook and blogs using this really cool application called Flotzam. You can even download the source code to customize your mash-ups.

Flotzam was written in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), the design work was done using Blend and was brought to you by Karsten Januszewski and Tim Aidlin, both from the Developer & Platform Evangelism Division of Microsoft.


Visit Flotzam and download the software and source code.



New Windows Client Community Site

11 05 2007

The new community site-– for Windows Client Community went live yesterday night. The new site is a consolidation of all community sites surrounding .Net client development. The site focuses on all aspects of rich client on Windows using .Net Framework.

The site will host content from both Microsoft product teams (Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation) and from the community, to highlight user experience and developer productivity benefits of rich client applications on the Windows platform. This is the site where the product team will be publishing pertinent content, CTPs (Community Technology Previews), client videos etc.

According to the Windows Client team, the main goal of the site was to setup a single location for the windows client community, in place of sites like and; all content from these sites has already been migrated to the new community site.