Global Identity Ecosystem

10 04 2013

NSTIC on the Global Identity Stage:

More about ID Ecosystem- created to administer the development of policy, standards, and accreditation processes for the Identity Ecosystem Framework:





Cyber Security Strategy for 2011, by DHS

24 03 2011

The Department of Homeland Security

Today there were couple of important announcements around Cyber Security, by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)-

Enabling distributed security in Cyberspace

As you may know, DHS announces their cyber security strategy each year; in-

2010: it was network survivability, recovery and recognition

2009: it was software assurance tools and techniques

So, for 2011, DHS just made an announcement for their Cyber Security strategy

here. The strategy is described in their blog post here and in the following whitepaper.

The whitepaper explores technical options for creating a safer, more secure and resilient network of networks. Specifically, the paper looks at how prevention and defense can be enhanced through three security building blocks: automation, interoperability, and authentication. If these building blocks were incorporated into cyber devices and processes, cyber stakeholders would have significantly stronger means to identify and respond to threats—creating and exchanging trusted information and coordinating courses of action in near real time.

Real-time Continuous Monitoring

NIST released a whitepaper on real-time continuous monitoring strategy (based on their Risk Management Framework) as a strategy to safeguard against outside and inside threats.