“Early Warning” Documentary

8 06 2011

My first (official) independent documentary film- “Early Warning”, on Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) Systems, will be screened at University of Washington on June 8th 2011. The documentary film is one of the mandates to complete the Diploma in Independent Filmmaking course, which I joined a year ago at University of Washington (UW).


Time-lapse animation of March 2011 Tōhoku earthquake in Japan

I will be posting a link to the documentary, later this week, after it is screened and reviewed by the UW faculty- the screening is on June 8th at 6:30pm at the UW. The official “Early Warning” documentary web site will be at: http://eew.crosscity.com/

The documentary was developed along with my colleague, at the UW Diploma course, Ty Kelly and was produced under my independent production studio- jsmags productions :)

Please stay tuned.







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