The Birth of a New Testament

7 06 2011

I wanted to share a great article from Dr. Charles Stanley ministries’- InTouch monthly magazine; the article- “The Birth of a New Testament: How the Christian canon was formed“ focuses on the evolution of Christianity and the New Testament:

“Paper, ink, leather, thread, and glue. Today we’re so accustomed to the Bible as
a singular physical artifact that we forget Scripture didn’t always exist in its present
form. Battles with heretics, missionary journeys, and martyrdom—these among other
aspects of the Bible’s history make it much more colorful than we often realize.
Knowing how the Holy Spirit led Jesus’ early followers to pen and pass down the
church’s sacred writings can invigorate our hunger for truth and our efforts to commune
with the Savior. That’s why we created this graphical account of the Christian Canon’s
development—canon meaning ‘rule’ or ‘a standard of measurement.’

Due to lack of space, this article focuses on the New Testament but tries to accommodate for the Old when appropriate. Also, it’s important to note that while we have attempted to be as accurate as possible, there remains some debate among scholars as to the precise dates of certain events—most experts preferring to provide a range of years rather than a definite moment in history. What you see reflected here is a fair approximation according to available research, rather than a scholarly account, and
is intended only as a general introduction. We hope it inspires you to learn more by
doing research of your own. –CL”…read on.




Deaths of the Apostles



Codex Sinaiticus









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