Glossary for Visual Studio Extensibility

13 07 2007

The other day to help my partner better understand the key components & programs within Visual Studio Extensibility (VSX), I spoke to Anthony Cangialosi, who is a Program Manager within Visual Studio Tools Ecosystem, helped summarize the key components & programs within VSX space.


Visual Studio Shell 2008 (VS Shell): The underlying IDE of Visual Studio that you can build your integrated or isolated applications on top of and redistribute.

Visual Studio SDK (VS SDK):  A software development kit that provides a set of samples and some helpful tools that shows you how to build Visual Studio Package.

The Visual Studio 2005 SDK 4.0 is the last version of the SDK for VS 2005. Upcoming versions of the VS SDK will be for Visual Studio 2008 (code named Orcas) and beyond- the latest released version of the VS SDK for Orcas beta 1 is VS SDK Orcas June 2007 CTP.

Package: An extension that loads in Visual Studio that provides some set of functionality.  A tool window for example is defined in a package.

VS SDK Assist: A community project that integrates into Visual Studio and helps build VS Packages.  Unlike the SDK which provides a number of samples, this community project lets you add VS extensible features as elements of your project.

Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP): refers to the marketing program, that provides access to technical resources and marketing benefits. More on VSIP here.

MSDT: A set of technologies that are available for license independently that are in Visual Studio.

For more information please visit the VSX Developer Center on MSDN.







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