Microsoft’s Project code-named “Glidepath”

6 07 2006

Today, I came across a new toolkit that is available for Micro-Independent Software Vendors (MicroISV) and Developers alike, to help them create next generation of applications for Windows Vista, called Project Glidepath.

Microsoft’s Project Glidepath- learn more

According to the official Project Glidepath web site
“Project Glidepath is a Microsoft-developed, community-supported, platform for building applications from web to desktop to mobile with one common denominator: Windows Vista. Project Glidepath delivers workflow-based guidance, code, templates and other content via a software factory, a Visual Studio add-in, consisting of tools for building a product which is a member of a product family.”

At the core, Project Glidepath is a freely available Visual Studio 2005 Software Factory add-in “that provides specific content, technology and templates for buliding applications for Windows Vista and .Net Framework 3.0.”- this is very interesting and exciting, especially for those of us who are trying to build or test “Vista Application Development” waters.

Just a week before WinFX name was dropped and renamed to .Net 3.0 Framework, I sent out an internal email, encouraging my company to create a “WinFX Practice”- this is in formal preparation and official commitment to the tons of Vista development oportunities that are expected to come our way. Though the name change did take some air out of my “passionate and over-zealous” email, the point of the message was to raise awareness and preparedness for the next generation of the Windows platform and the project/development opportunities therein…so, what’s in a name?

To create a truly Vista application calls for venturing into a new territory, which requires help, guidance and expertise- especially during Vista pre-release. I think and hope that Project Glidepath will serve to be a great tool, to do just that, to help support a “Vista Development Practice”. I am very glad that Microsoft is providing yet another useful framework/tool to help support and encourage developers to embrace Vista Development, sooner rather than later.

I have downloaded the Project Glidepath toolkit and I hope to try this out over the next few weeks. Project Glidepath, supposedly, will be formally launched on July 15th, at the Shareware Industry Conference (

For more information on the toolkit and for download instructions, please visit Project Glidepath’s blog.





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