the life you gave

18 05 2006

the pain i did not endure
the suffering i did not prevail
the blood i did not shed
the embarrassment i did not experience
the burden i did not carry
the purity i could not possibly comprehend
the peace i wish i could spread
the hand i did not lend
the way i could not lead
the house i could not build
the bread i did not freely share
the water i made impure
the lustful thought i could not purge
the slavery, with evil, i could not break
the life i did not live…
and will never live. 

Jesus Christ

how great are you!
for you –
endured the pain,
prevailed the suffering
shed the blood
forgave the insult
carried the weight of the world
defined purity
creator of peace
always there for help
led the world
built many houses
gave us bread and taught us how to share it
made rivers of living water flow through your children
the holy life you lived
the devil you conquered
the life that you lived and sacrificed,
so that we may live that life through you…

…thank you my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

mahesh babu punyamurthula




One response

17 07 2009

Hi Mahesh,

We are very happy to see your firm faith in Christ Jesus, our LORD & Savior.

Are you the son of the great comedy king Sri. Raja Babu. Just curious. If so, another big welcome into the faith of One true and Living LORD.


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